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ancestry Meaning in Telugu ( ancestry తెలుగు అంటే)

పూర్వీకులు, మొత్తం సంప్రదాయం


మొత్తం సంప్రదాయం, వంశపారంపర్యము, తండ్రి,

ancestry's Usage Examples:

(Chat, of the So (蘇) clan, 1813–1849), a Hokkien Chinese bird"s nest tax farmer with ancestry from Fujian who eventually joined the nobility under King.

The hag is also considered a healer and helpful during childbirth and is divine and said to have long ancestry and incredible longevity.

This figure refers to those who were naturalized with US citizenship and does not include US-born service members of Pakistani ancestry.

Dogs and wolves have similar body shape, skull size, and limb formation, further supporting their close genetic makeup and thus shared ancestry.

However, Espaillat also has African ancestry and is of mixed Afro-Latino lineage.

The rare painting of Tyrolean origin from 1516 depicts Saint Anne and the ancestry of Isaiah.

shared ancestry between a pair of structures or genes in different taxa.

Approximately 50% of the total population is ethnic Lao (Lao Loum or Lao Tai); 10% are categorized as Lao Theung or “upland Lao” who are predominantly people of Mon or Khmer ancestry; another 34% are Lao Sung or “mountain Lao,” and are also commonly referred to as “[tribe]s.

Pumaqawa was a member of the Inca nobility of Ayarmaca descent, who also has some Spanish ancestry.

Loki Fárbautason ("son of Fárbauti"), in a mythology where kinship is ideally reckoned through male ancestry.

The coalescent is a mathematical model that describes the ancestry of a sample of nonrecombining gene copies.

The importance that ancestry had for the late prehistoric Celts is stressed by several classical authors, and seems – at least for some areas, in some periods – also be confirmed in the archaeology by the effort put into burials.


bloodline, stock, family tree, kinsfolk, family line, blood, folk, descent, line, line of descent, blood line, pedigree, stemma, origin, parentage, genealogy, family, phratry, side, kinfolk, lineage, sept,


obverse, rear, windward, leeward, front,

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