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justice Meaning in Telugu ( justice తెలుగు అంటే)

న్యాయం, న్యాయ నిర్ణయం


నిజం, న్యాయ నిర్ణయం, న్యాయమూర్తి, న్యాయం, ఆనందము,

justice తెలుగు అర్థానికి ఉదాహరణ:

మొదతి కథానాయకుడు హాంలెట్ అంతర్ముఖుడు కావడం అతని బలహీనత అయితే ఆ తరువాత నాట్కాల నాయకులు అయిన ఒఠెల్లో, లియర్ రాజులు తమ న్యాయ నిర్ణయంలో తప్పుల వల్ల బలహీనులు అయినారు.

అయితే, సుల్తాన్ గా అతని బాధ్యతల్లో ఒకటైన న్యాయ నిర్ణయం విషయంలో అబ్దుల్లాకు చాలా మంచి పేరు ఉంది.

అతని న్యాయ నిర్ణయంలో నియంతృత్వ ధోరణులు (ఉదా అవినీతి ఉద్యోగస్తులను ఉరితీయాలనడం, కుటుంబ సంక్షేమానికి బలవంతపు గర్భనిరోధక ఆపరేషన్ల అమలుపరచాలనటం) విమర్శలకు లోనయ్యాయి.

justice's Usage Examples:

states and other countries are called "justices".

uzenaesi sasamartlo) represents the court of the highest and final administration of justice in the country.

Criticisms of the book centered on it failing to tell the story it set out to tell, particularly its inability to explain Singh or her actions and her failure to engage with the purpose of the adversarial justice system.

justice), lián (廉, honesty and cleanness) and chǐ (恥/耻, shame; sense of right and wrong).

The report did not reach a conclusion about possible obstruction of justice of Trump, citing.

Ahmad also visited the families of the victims and assured them that the culprits involved in the attack will be brought to justice at all costs.

its readers but always unafraid, is quickly indignant at injustice; is unswayed by the appeal of privilege or the clamor of the mob; seeks to give every.

feminist theory, standpoint theory, intersectionality, multiculturalism, transnational feminism, social justice, affect studies, agency, bio-politics, materialism.

During his years on the bench, Begbie traveled throughout British Columbia, on foot and later on horseback administering justice in sometimes informal circumstances but he is said to have always worn his judicial robes and wig when court was in session.

State courts with a similar system include Iowa (for judges on the Iowa Court of Appeals), Pennsylvania, and Virginia (for justices of the Virginia Supreme Court).

with making "necessary and appropriate orders for the effective and expeditious administration of justice" within their circuits.

Observations on Beer and Brewers, in which the inequality, injustice and impolicy of the malt and beer tax are demonstrated.


justness, fairness, rightfulness, right, natural virtue, righteousness, equity,


unrighteousness, injustice, inequity, wrong, unfairness, wrongfulness,

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