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humble Meaning in Telugu ( humble తెలుగు అంటే)

వినయపూర్వకమైన, వినయపూర్వకమైన మేకింగ్


వినయపూర్వకమైన మేకింగ్,


వినయ్, లొంగినట్టి, మర్యాదగల, సమర్పించు, యథార్థం,

humble's Usage Examples:

He built a humble abode there and completed the construction process by 1897.

biography of Françoise d"Aubigné, Marquise de Maintenon, who rose from the humblest of beginnings to become the morganatic wife of the Sun King, and highly.

Because of their energetic personalities and humble approachability, the group was always a favorite among their audiences.

Believing that Zetta has learned his lesson and become a more humble person, she confines herself back into the Sacred Tome, giving him back his body and full power.

He is seen to collect wives by forcing his way into women's homes posing as a humble peg-seller, then talking gibberish at them, invariably referring to them as 'Dave', until they hand over their wedding rings.

The night before, Northcliffe mocks Ouimet's social status to Vardon, who came from humble beginnings himself, and Vardon finally tells Northcliffe that he is going to try to win only for his own pride, not Britain's and that if Ouimet wins, it will be because of his own skill, not his background.

Although Winslow Schott in his civilian persona was a rather sweet, humble, quirky (if socially withdrawn) person, as the Toyman he turned into a childish, destructive megalomaniac.

Upon seeing the Swami, Bhima, with all his humbleness, prayed to the Swami to make him blind again as the torture of mankind.

‘This man was clearly in my humble submission, the best artist in Norfolk,’ commented Yarmouth gallery proprietor.

Anna-Marie"s wedding, Bella paid her ex-fiance a quick visit at the newlywed"s humble abode right when the Thieves Guild comes crashing into it.

full-length, 2007"s Rap Music, which Pitchfork Media"s Roque Strew called "so standoffishly humble, so extravagantly matter-of-fact.

Although greater names such as Michelangelo had submitted designs, Pasquale chose the more humble architect Antonio da Ponte and his nephew Antonio Contin to design and rebuild the Rialto Bridge.

of humble origin who had risen through the ranks to the post of primus pilus (which also entailed admission to the equestrian order) were placed as heads.


modest, small, inferior, lowly, low,


raise, ascend, rise, benevolence, superior,

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