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winter Meaning in Telugu ( winter తెలుగు అంటే)

చలికాలం, షిషీర్


షిషీర్, చల్లని,

winter తెలుగు అర్థానికి ఉదాహరణ:

అతుల్, ముంబై కోచ్ గా షిషీర్ శర్మ.

winter's Usage Examples:

In January 1925, she returned to the Pacific for winter maneuvers; then, in April, departed San Francisco for Hawaii to support units participating in joint Army-Navy exercises.

For example, in late winter/early spring, motile diatoms like N.

Kakko also states the season of winter as one of his influences.

During the winter of 1867"ndash;68, Cooper and other young men, including the younger brother of future mayor George Hillyer, organized the Young Men's Democratic Club of Atlanta and became active in local politics.

Salfords Stream runs through the village and can cause flooding in the autumn and winter months.

It has distinct four seasons with long snowy winters and brief hot summers.

It is exposed to strong cross winds around the rock and across the Bay of Algeciras, making landings in winter particularly uncomfortable.

The match was played in wintery conditions on the night of Friday the 26th of January at Reebok Stadium.

44 degrees and during the winter solstice it is 16.

However, a major winter storm did strike the area the day after the game.

days later due to the coronavirus pandemic, along with all other winter tourneys and spring sports.

Four are strongly migratory, and their wintering grounds cover much of the Southern Hemisphere as far south as central.

Molter spent winters in cabins on the Isle of Pines and summers in a cabin-like multi-layered (canvas) tent on a smaller, satellite island a few dozen yards east of Isle of Pines.


midwinter, time of year, wintertime, season, winter solstice,


rainy season, dry season, high season, off-season, summer solstice,

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