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anchor chain Meaning in Telugu ( anchor chain తెలుగు అంటే)

యాంకర్ చైన్, యాంకర్ సిరీస్


యాంకర్ సిరీస్,

anchor chain's Usage Examples:

interesting example of ‘contact art’ depicting a two-masted sailing ship with anchor chain and a dinghy trailing behind.

Stirling Point has an anchor chain sculpture which replicates the sculpture on Stewart Island.

She was wrecked on 26 December 1909 during a large snowstorm when her anchor chain parted, setting her adrift.

She anchored in Port San Juan, but her anchor chain broke and she was driven ashore near the mouth of the Gordon river.

the daily activities of naval life; the geometric forms, such as the anchor chain, depict elements of a ship.

An anchor windlass is a machine that restrains and manipulates the anchor chain on a boat, allowing the anchor to be.

On more than one occasion (in 1933, 1936, and 1962) the main anchor chain snapped during violent storms and the ship had to use her engines to.

As the anchor chain broke, the ship ran aground.

Shot (medicine), an injection Shot, a fifteen fathom line length of anchor chain Shot, or shott, a group of adjacent strips or furlongs in the medieval.

European ship: "Heave now!", and the subsequent turning of the wheel with anchor chain by the crew.

and half an hour later the starboard anchor chain snapped close to the hawsepipe.

hawsepipe is the pipe passing through the bow section of a ship that the anchor chain passes through.

lift wire, life support umbilical, and guide wires were severed by an anchor chain of the semi-submersible Haakon Magnus.


chain, anchor rope,


open chain, closed chain, unchain,

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