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easier Meaning in Tamil ( easier வார்த்தையின் தமிழ் அர்த்தம்)


கடினமற்ற, எளிதான,

easier தமிழ் அர்த்தத்தின் உதாரணம்:

இப்பாதைகளில் வத்திராயிருப்புப் பகுதியிலிருந்து செல்லும் பாதை கடினமற்றது என்பதால் விருதுநகர் மற்றும் தமிழகத்தின் பிற மாவட்ட மக்கள் இப்பாதையை அதிகமாகப் பயன்படுத்துகின்றனர்.

இது லாந்த்தனைடுகள் வரிசையைச் சேர்ந்த வெள்ளி போல் வெண்மையான, கடினமற்ற (மெதுமையான), அரிய கனிமங்கள் குழுவில் உள்ள ஒரு தனிமம்.

easier's Usage Examples:

Invisible Acne Patch: This unique product essentially smoothes the surface of the pimple, making makeup application easier and drawing less attention to redness and irritation.

This is because capsizing is easier to correct.

If he had buttered up to her, it was merely to make his job easier.

However, if a cat's tastes remain uncorrupted by flavor enhancers and additives, you will have an easier time introducing high quality brands that eliminate the needless chemicals and fillers contained in many commercial brands.

Tagging photos makes it easier to share all those special occasions with our friends, be it birthday parties, graduations, weddings, or just simple backyard barbecues.

Although orthodontic treatment can be performed at any age, children are easier, faster, and less expensive to treat than adults.

And because it no longer severely constricts breath or function, it's much easier and more pleasant to integrate into a wardrobe.

An administrator, for example, is far easier to find than a highly skilled cabinetmaker who speaks Cantonese.

In addition to that, it's easier to hide or at least distract from trouble spots while avoiding a matronly look in a one-piece swimsuit.

Whether you're actually taking to the skies, or looking for scale-model miniatures of flying machines, buying aerospace products has never been easier.

An ergonomically designed 7 inch vibrator that makes it easier to find the G-spot.

Therefore, Receptor technology works to support the body's natural movements, making motion easier and, therefore, decreasing fatigue.

Organization is supposed to make life easier by eliminating those last-minute panics over forgotten obligations or chaotic household.


painless, casual, unproblematic, undemanding, effortless, simple, hands-down, user-friendly, clean, ease, smooth, uncomplicated, simplified, elementary, simpleness, soft, easiness, cushy, simplicity, easygoing,


difficult, difficulty, demanding, complex, hard, effortful,

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