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humble Meaning in Tamil ( humble வார்த்தையின் தமிழ் அர்த்தம்)


விநயமுள்ள, அடக்கமுள்ள, தாழ்ந்த, பணிவான,

humble's Usage Examples:

The importance of the Augustan history as a repertory of information is very considerable, but its literary pretensions are of the humblest order.

There are a selection of options from the more humble lunch time bar menu, (including baguettes ).

Whatever a grave doctor said must have some solid reasons behind it - aliqua niti probabilitate - and humble lay-folk could act upon it without a twinge of conscience.

Welcome to my humble abode!Suarez lived a very humble and simple life.

Jansenism >>CORNELIUS JANSEN (1585-1638), bishop of Ypres, and father of the religious revival known as Jansenism, was born of humble Catholic parentage at Accoy in the province of Utrecht on the 28th of October 1585.

No doubt the primary object of the cell-wall of even the humblest protoplast is protection, and this too is the meaning of the coarser tegumentary structures of a bulkier plant.

supply, the value of land is in proportion to the number of permanent labourers settled on it, and the landed proprietors naturally try to attract to their estates as many peasants as possible; and in this competition the large proprietors have evidently an advantage over their humbler and weaker rivals.

Mario 64, in this humble reviewers opinion, still remains the undefeated champion of 3D platformers.

The mass of the people remained unrepresented in the government; and even if the consuls existed in the days of Heribert, they were but humble legal officers, transacting business for their constituents in the courts of the bishop and his viscount.

humbleN weeks ago Gresley Rovers ' promotion hopes looked in tatters following a humbling 5-2 home defeat by Woodley Sports.

Many insects and other invertebrates, mostly noxious, have been accidentally naturalized, and some have been deliberately introduced, like the honey-bee, now feral in Australasia and North America, and the humble-bee, imported into New Zealand to effect the fertilization of red clover.


modest, small, inferior, lowly, low,


raise, ascend, rise, benevolence, superior,

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