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descendent Meaning in Tamil ( descendent வார்த்தையின் தமிழ் அர்த்தம்)



descendent தமிழ் அர்த்தத்தின் உதாரணம்:


descendent's Usage Examples:

My father was the mad warlord's most trusted advisor, the descendent of the first warlord's brother.

You can prove you are direct-line descendent from the deceased.

The Stanford-Binet intelligence scale is a direct descendent of the Binet-Simon scale, the first intelligence scale created in 1905 by psychologist Alfred Binet (1857-1911) and Theophilus Simon.

As for the four-legged ones, they're actually feral hogs – descendents of early livestock that went wild.

Today's smoky eyes are a descendent of the 80s decade.

If Nessie truly is a cryptid of unexplained origin or a descendent of the plesiosaurs, the creature could be one of the last of its kind.

"Giovanni de Medici, descendent of the Italian de Medici," his secretary answered from behind them.

However, many sonar contacts were recorded, and the researchers generally found the evidence to be positive that something large inhabited Loch Ness whether or not it was a descendent of a long-necked aquatic relative of a dinosaur.

There are several designs of lineage charts, including the pedigree chart, the descendent chart and the hourglass form.

WILLIAM LENTHALL (1591-1662), English parliamentarian, speaker of the House of Commons, second son of William Lenthall, of Lachford, Oxfordshire, a descendent of an old Herefordshire family, was born at Henley-on-Thames in June 1591.

One faction of the replicators wanted to ascend like their creators did, while the majority wanted to obliterate all other descendents of the Ancients to prove that they were the perfect creation.

It revised the arming andorganization of the Statute of national militia, the lineal descendent of the old fyrd, cheser.

progeny of a single cell in the spinal cord, which is descendent from axial progenitors.


descendant, child, relative, relation, scion,


parent, female offspring, adult, disproportionate, ancestor,

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