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barricade Meaning in Tamil ( barricade வார்த்தையின் தமிழ் அர்த்தம்)


தடை அரண்,

barricade's Usage Examples:

The Acropolis had been dismantled as a fortress after the expulsion of Hippias; its defenders against the Persians found it necessary to erect a wooden barricade at its entrance.

But a dispute between the king and the parliament concerning the form of the royal oath having arisen, a group of demagogues with criminal folly provoked disturbances and erected barricades (May 14th).

The citizens resisted stoutly behind barricades, and the French were routed with heavy loss.

sandbag barricade leaving just one foot of its standing.

Players can barricade doors with chairs and boxes, destroy or move cabinets and tables and interact fully with their surroundings.

, and that had not forgotten the barricades of the League.

Accordingly, in spite of the warning of General Cavaignac, he mounted the barricade at the entrance to the Faubourg St Antoine, bearing a green branch as sign of peace.

Events followed each other quickly; the day of the barricades was followed by the peace of Ruel, the peace of Ruel by the arrest of the princes, by the battle of Rethel, and Mazarin's exile to Briihl before the union of the two Frondes.

We have to drive around the barricades and all.

Four men then barricaded themselves inside the ferry with two other ships blockaded in the port.

Two days after the departure of the Simons the prisoner is said by the Restoration historians to have been put in a dark room which was barricaded like the cage of a wild animal.

Some protestors are charging police lines using metal barricades.

He said there seemed to be a " cultural barricade " around Birmingham and a reluctance to accept ideas from elsewhere.


roadblock, barrier,


continuant consonant, begin, continue,

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