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justing Meaning in marathi ( justing शब्दाचा मराठी अर्थ)



मजा, विनोद,

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justing मराठी अर्थाचे उदाहरण:

सचिनराजे विनोद अनिकेत युवराज.

कलाभूषण लहुजी नामदेव भालेराव यांनी सुप्रसिध्द वगनाट्य "सावला कुंभार "यामध्ये सावला कुंभाराची विनोदी भूमिका साकारली.

विनोदांचे संकलन रवींद्र कोल्हे यांनी केले आहे.

बाह्यदुवे आटापिटा हा एक म‍राठी विनोदी चित्रपट आहे.

विनोदी मराठी लेखक वि.

मराठी चित्रपट हापूस हा एक म‍राठी विनोदी चित्रपट आहे.

विजय ने रवि बाबू च्या विनोदी प्रणयकथा असलेल्या नुव्विला चित्रपटात काम करून, इ.

justing's Usage Examples:

The fracture can be set in the proper anatomical configuration by adjusting the ball-and-socket joints.

Milliradians are used in adjustment of firearm sights by adjusting.

Some of the most notable techniques include:Activator Methods – uses the Activator Adjusting Instrument instead of by-hand adjustments to give consistent mechanical low-force, high-speed impulses to the body.

The next works involved the exterior – adjusting the external walls and gavels, supporting the columns, the water-chutes and windows' carved works, the portals' decoration and the change of Matthias' tower roof.

used to tune the instrument by adjusting the tension of strings and, consequentially, the pitch of sound they produce.

Interestingly during class, Bart performs well on tests (having memorized the answers from his previous experience in the third grade), while Lisa has a hard time adjusting to the class.

2425 days, and adjusting for the drift in the "tropical" or "solar" year that the inaccuracy had.

a technique for adjusting the exposure indicated by a photographic exposure meter, in consideration of factors that may cause the indicated exposure to.

adept at adjusting to new environments and appear not to have been deleteriously affected by the changeable and unpredictable climate.

The adjusting screw was locked by a locknut.

self-adjusting hydraulic valve lifters, and a carburetor with an automatic choke.

The kit allows tacking without adjusting.

Off spinners bowl mostly off breaks, varying them by adjusting the.

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