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jut Meaning in marathi ( jut शब्दाचा मराठी अर्थ)

जट, उठणे, स्खलन होणे,


प्रक्षेपित व्हा,

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jut मराठी अर्थाचे उदाहरण:

त्यामधे वयाच्या 13व्या वर्षाच्या सुमाराला पहिले वीर्यस्खलन होणे हा या कालखंडातील महत्त्वाचा टप्पा आहे.

पुरुषांमध्ये झोपेत वीर्यस्खलन होणे किंवा स्त्रियांमध्ये झोपेत योनीसलील निर्माण होणे याला स्वप्नदोष असे म्हणतात.

jut's Usage Examples:

Temple of Soaring Meditation" is a gompa built on a hill on a peninsula jutting into Yamdrok Lake about 10 kilometres (6.

A Compendium of the War of Rebellion: Compiled and Arranged From Official Records of the Federal and Confederate Armies, Reports of the Adjutant Generals of the Several States, The Army Registers and Other Reliable Documents and Sources.

Engineer Mahmoud Rahmani is the director of the School of Education and adjutancy of educations.

In 1930 he published the Suirisiki Sido Sanjutsu (Guidebook to Mathematics Through Reasoning based on the principles of Value-Creating Pedagogy).

Jute soles typically include fully or partially vulcanized rubber beneath the jute soles for long-lasting espadrille shoes.

Further west he found an area that was partly surrounded by a sheer wall of rocks jutting out from the sloping hill.

(1532–1536), Buxhoeveden had to compete with Wilhelm von Hohenzollern, the coadjutant of the archbishop of Riga, who had moved to the Läänemaa region.

manufactured in Spain, some production has moved to Bangladesh, the world"s largest jute producer.

transported in large jute sacks, while coffee sold to consumers may be packaged as beans or ground coffee in a small, sealed plastic bag.

El SalvadorRefinería Petrolera de Acajutla S.

Tonfajutsu (Fighting with blunt tonfa weapons) Flow Jutsu (Use of flow cytometer) A fictional ninja art in the Naruto franchise This disambiguation page.

type of headgear), paranda (a tasselled tag for braiding hair), Patiala salwar (a type of female trousers), jutti (a type of footwear) and Patiala peg.

through the office of the Washington Adjutant General unless they are federalized by order of the President of the United States.


projection, jutting, protrusion, change of shape,


miss, promote, unimportance, obscurity, straighten,

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