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concoction Meaning in Tamil ( concoction வார்த்தையின் தமிழ் அர்த்தம்)



concoction's Usage Examples:

Browsing the aisles you'll also find "oxygen enhancers", Creatine products, herb concoctions and chemical products using only acronyms, all promising to sweep you off your weary feet in a jiffy.

At only 138 calories, but with the richness of the original mudslide, this choco-coffee concoction is sure to become a favorite.

mooch through each section and discover those special concoctions to make your evening go with a bang.

The right liquor paired with an interesting mixer can be just as impressive as a complicated concoction with exotic ingredients and garnishes.

heady concoction of spices and leaves.

Who in his right mind would trade a frosty cold beer for some yellow-greenish herb concoction that smells suspiciously like the sport socks you accidentally left tucked into a plastic bag for three months back in high school?You don't want to waste any of this delicious concoction.

The Hamilton Beach milkshake machine is a commercially-rated mixer that has the capability of producing milkshakes, smoothies, frozen mixed drinks, batters and many other mixed concoctions.

Fruit cups - These can be purchased at the store or you can slice up fruit and create your own concoctions.

It may not sound like any bath you've ever taken (when was the last time you lathered up in a patchouli-scented product?), but this concoction is a surprisingly accurate take on its intended essence.

Since this label also applies to glow-in-the-dark cereals and borderline absurd chemical concoctions with barely any semblance to natural human sustenance, manufacturers have quite a bit of leeway.

While proponents for the classic gin Martini may find some of the newer recipes unappealing, these concoctions can yield great cocktails.

The woman's scent, called Hollyoaks Her, is touted as a sugared apple concoction made for those who are feminine, fashionable and confident - in other words, much like many of the Hollyoaks girls themselves!Soak your feet in the concoction for half an hour, three times a day.

These herbs are the main ingredients in popular products, teas and concoctions.


invention, excogitation, conception, innovation, design,


disassemble, ending, misconception, finish,

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