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abrogate Meaning in Tamil ( abrogate வார்த்தையின் தமிழ் அர்த்தம்)


திரும்பப் பெறு(அ)இல்லாமல் செய்,

abrogate's Usage Examples:

While restoring the principle of universal suffrage, which had been partially abrogated in 1795, Sieyes rendered this system of election practically a nullity.

, analogous to the French concordat; abrogated.

Assuming revolutionary powers, it deposed Governor Jackson and other state officers, appointed their successors, declared vacant the seats of members of the Assembly, and abrogated the disloyal acts of that body.

He reveals truth to His prophets, but also abrogates it, changes the message, or makes them forget it.

Never before in a religious controversy had the appeal been made so exclusively to reason and history; never before had an ecclesiastic of his eminence maintained the subjection of the clergy to the state, and disputed the pope's right to employ spiritual censures, except under restrictions which virtually abrogated it.

137) says that " nothing but express enactment can abrogate the common law of all Christendom before the Reformation of the Anglican Church.

More able than Turgot, though a man of smaller ideas, he abrogated the edicts registered by the lits de justice; and unable Necker, or not daring to attack the evil at its root, he thought 1781.

That later generations might not so easily distinguish the " abrogated " from the " abrogating " did not occur to Mahomet, whose vision, naturally enough, seldom extended to the future of his religious community.

But God abrogates the interjections of Satan and confirms His own revelations.

After the return from Moscow the emperor negotiated with his prisoner a new and more exacting concordat, but two months later the repentant pope abrogated this treaty and declared all the official acts of the new French bishops to be invalid.

Soon after his accession he abolished the distinctive Jewish dress, abrogated the poll-tax, admitted the Jews to military service and their children to the public schools, and in general opened the era of emancipation by the Toleranzpatent of 1782.


get rid of, abolish,


muzzle, kern, establish,

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