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banish Meaning in gujarati ( banish ગુજરાતી ભાષામાં આ શબ્દનો અર્થ શું છે?)

દેશનિકાલ કરવો, હાંકી કાઢો,


દૂર કરો, દુર ખસેડો, દેશનિકાલ, દેશનિકાલ કરવો, હાંકી કાઢો, સતાવણી, પીછો, દેશનિકાલમાં મોકલ્યો, દુર હાંકો,

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banish ગુજરાતી ભાષામાં ઉદાહરણ:

બંધારણ મુજબ, કોઈ પણ હોન્ડુરાન નાગરિકને દેશનિકાલ કરવો એ ગેરકાનૂની છે.

banish's Usage Examples:

The twins then banished him to another dimension while Monet followed, believing it was her only way to revert to normal.

In his books on Nocturnal Witchcraft, for example, Konstantinos recommends performing banishings regularly, in order to keep the magical workspace.

She consequently became jealous of T'Challa's American ex-girlfriend Monica Lynne and plotted to kill her, but T'Challa rescued her and banished Nakia bringing great shame on her tribe and Wakanda.

Zürich, went to Italy: either banished by Count Erchanger or voluntarily exiling themselves to their relatives over the Alps.

Shatrughna flew into a violent rage over Rama"s banishment and assaulted her murderously.

Act 2In Tsar Berendey's palaceKupava complains of Mizgir to Tsar Berendey, who decides to banish Mizgir to the forest.

cases were fairly mild and included fines, public ceremonies of penance, banishments, and beatings with warnings never to engage in heresy again.

Hanswurst into the Hamburg Dramaturgy, and called the banishment "the biggest buffoonery of all" (der größte Bobert).

Most of Perim's native inhabitants which numbered around 4,500 were originally banished from the island during the British–Soviet satellite states split to form the island as a military base.

Eventually, Snorri, who was also Kiartan's uncle, banishes Thorir and the ghosts from Snæfellsnes using an effective combination of Christian rituals and Icelandic common-laws.

He forsook the admiral when he was banished, and meanly solicited his patronage when.

In any case, it was during Lobsang Gyatso's rule after the civil wars and rebellions of 1640-1643 that Jonangpa institutions, teachings and followers were banished and moved out of central Tibet to be re-established in Amdo for allying with the Tsangpa and fighting against the Ganden Phodrang.

Juliana Maria directed a plot to overthrow the lovers, which ended with the execution of Struensee and Caroline Matilda's divorce and banishment.


ban, ostracise, ostracize, kick out, cast out, shun, blackball, throw out, expel,


decrease, fall, unfasten, arrive, attack,

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