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suffer Meaning in Tamil ( suffer வார்த்தையின் தமிழ் அர்த்தம்)



suffer தமிழ் அர்த்தத்தின் உதாரணம்:

அப்போது அந்த ஊர் வெறிச்சோடித் துன்பறுவது போலத் தான் துன்பறுவதாகத் தலைவி தன் தோழியிடம் சொல்கிறாள்.

suffer's Usage Examples:

For collecting alms by falsely claiming to suffer from epilepsy, Jennings is put into the stocks, which Harman calls " condign punishment.

Twenty-one Girondin deputies were next brought to the bar and, with the exception of Valaze who stabbed himself, were beheaded on the last day of October, Madame Roland and other Girondins of note suffered later.

But while she passed from body to body, and consequently suffered perpetual indignity, she had at the last been prostituted in a brothel; she was " the lost sheep.

There are those who, like cormorants and ostriches, can digest all sorts of this, even after the fullest dinner of meats and vegetables, for they suffer nothing to be wasted.

Precipitated stannous hydrate dissolves readily in caustic potash; if the solution is evaporated quickly it suffers decomposition, with formation of metal and stannate, 2SnO+2KOH K2Sn03+Sn+H20.

It suffered much during the earlier Tamil invasions, and was finally deserted as a royal residence in A.

If a dhjan chooses incorrectly, his world suffers.

Thereafter he never entered Spain; and the French operations suffered incalculably from the want of one able commander-in-chief.

He was in a state of physical suffering as if from corporal punishment, and could not avoid expressing it by cries of anger and distress.

At Sung-Shu the stormers got into the fort, but suffered much from the artillery on the western side of the Lun-ho valley, and were beaten out of it again in minutes; men tried in vain to get up the Lun-ho valley to take Sung-Shu in rear.

disc 19 July 1999 the claimant suffered a disk prolapse at L4/L5.

Though the Reformation left it unscathed, it suffered wanton violence from time to time.


have, collapse, break down, crock up, receive, crack, experience, crack up, cramp, break up, sustain, get,


reject, refuse, criminalise, outlaw, disinclination,

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