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stepchild Meaning in Tamil ( stepchild வார்த்தையின் தமிழ் அர்த்தம்)

மாற்றான் மகவு

stepchild's Usage Examples:

One of the most important steps you will ever take as a stepparent is to show respect for your stepchild's feelings and beliefs.

Some may have children whilst others do not or perhaps have stepchildren through a second relationship.

For parents, a stepfamily can provide social support for new couples and new, emotionally rewarding relationships with biological and stepchildren.

The relationship that you desire with your stepchild may take several months or even years.

Nonetheless, I hope Jin finds out and beats him like a ginger stepchild.

Keep in mind that when you married your spouse, your stepchild's family dynamics took an abrupt turn.

Stepparents may face a similar situation, since stepparents, unless they legally adopt a stepchild, have no legal rights with regard to custody or visitation.

These include calls from step dads, with one of the big issues being worries about their teenage stepchildren and risky behavior.

Well, try to look at the situation from your stepchild's point of view.

The term stepchild used to refer to orphans who lost their parents, and stepfather/stepmother used to refer to individuals who became parents to an orphan.

In 2000 there were more than twice as many stepchildren as adopted children in U.

After all, she has a husband, two children, and two stepchildren to support now.

After all, many unions actually combine two families, so stepchildren may also be involved.


stepson, kid, child, stepdaughter,


parent, adult, female offspring, male offspring, ancestor,

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