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parse Meaning in Tamil ( parse வார்த்தையின் தமிழ் அர்த்தம்)


சொல் இலக்கணகூறு,

parse's Usage Examples:

Floating Plants: The main purpose of these is to provide shade where water lilies or deep aquatics are sparse or absent.

In lieu of a Universal Translator, the Enterprise relied on Ensign Hoshi Sato (Linda Park) a gift linguist who not only spoke multiple languages, but was able to parse out the phonetic keys to understanding new languages.

For sure it didn't look sparse in the marquees, in the Star bar with its excellent organic Wild Hare Ale.

For those of you smarting from the sparseness of the Orr report, the Thornton site may be a welcomed balm.

The postal service is unavoidably limited and defective, owing to the rugged character of the country, its sparse population, and the large percentage of illiterates.

It also causes a line break, and is neither callable nor parsed.

A numerical evaluation of sparse direct solvers for the solution of large sparse direct solvers for the solution of large sparse.

It is a well-wooded tract, in many places stretching out in charming glades like an English park, but it has a very sparse population and little cultivated land.

Along the flood-plains of the larger rivers are fertile " bottomlands," but the ruggedness of the plateau country as a whole has retarded the development of the state, much of which is still sparsely populated.

Owing to the great distances which must be covered, and also to the defective means of communication in sparsely settled districts, the costs of the postal service in Argentina are unavoidably high in relation to the receipts.

Andreas Neumann of the University of Trier has written a validating XML parser in Standard ML: here.

Although the mantel was sparsely decorated, each item had been artfully placed.


dissect, break down, analyse, analyze, take apart,


repair, stay, function, assemble, synthesize,

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