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flatware Meaning in Tamil ( flatware வார்த்தையின் தமிழ் அர்த்தம்)


flatware's Usage Examples:

Before buying flatware, it is important to know its basic characteristics in order to effectively compare brands.

Discount stores offer plain or minimalist flatware designs, while department stores (typically those with bridal registries, since flatware is a frequent wedding gift for newlywed couples) have a wider range of design and setting options.

This will help protect the flatware from accidental nicks, scratches, and dents, as well as keep it in a consistent location.

Flatware is one of the most utilized items in the home, and most flatware is composed of durable stainless steel, an alloy composed of steel, chromium and nickel for rust-resistant and luster properties.

As she pulled out the flatware drawer, the doorbell rang.

Whether you are looking for high quality cookware, flatware, specialty products such as popcorn poppers and bread makers, or high end state of the art culinary equipment, Cuisinart has a product line to meet your diverse needs.

Two older people will be bringing all of their belongings to the new household, so they probably own many of the traditional registry items, such as small appliances, towels and flatware.

Choosing just the right dinnerware along with flatware and other kitchen items can help you create beautiful meals no matter what is on the plate.

The majority of flatware and silverware is solid stainless steel, though there are variations that have handles made of plastic, mother of pearl or a composite material, while the working end of the flatware is still stainless steel.

He swigged the last of his coffee and set the cup in his plate, carefully placing the flatware across the plate before he continued.

Flatware is one of the few items that a dinner table cannot do without, but knowing how to buy flatware can be a challenge when consumers are confronted with a wide array of styles, settings, and prices.

Small tables seating four were well spaced for privacy, with candles lighting each table and an assortment of flatware she'd never seen before.

She opened the flatware drawer again and got out spoons.


platter, saucer, plate, tableware,


inarticulate, chromatic, dull, nonmetallic,

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