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cutlery Meaning in Tamil ( cutlery வார்த்தையின் தமிழ் அர்த்தம்)



cutlery தமிழ் அர்த்தத்தின் உதாரணம்:

தங்குதன் கார்பைடு போன்ற வெட்டுக்கருவிகள் இயந்திரத் தயாரிப்பில் பெரிதும் உதவின.

மேலும் ஒரு தட்டு, சில வெட்டுக்கருவிகள், ஒரு துடைப்பக்குட்டை, ஒரு துணிப்பை மற்றும் ஒரு செப புத்தகத்தையும் தம் வசம் வைத்திருப்பர்.

cutlery's Usage Examples:

It is the chief seat in Sweden of the iron and steel industries, its cutlery being especially noted, while damascened work is a specialty.

New Britain is an important manufacturing centre; its principal products are hardware, cutlery and edge tools, hosiery, and foundry and machine shop products.

Metals, including hardware and cutlery, railway material, 'c.

You can find wonderful wall hangings, well made kitchenware, fantastic cutlery sets, fab bedding, and cool lighting coverings.

The manufactures of less importance are tussore-silk, paper, blankets, brass utensils, firearms, carpets, coarse cutlery and hardware, leather, ornaments of gold and silver, 'c.

Glassware Wholesaler [London] Products: Dinnerware, cutlery ' condiments, giftware, glassware Wholesaler [London] Products: Dinnerware, cutlery ' condiments, giftware, glassware ' kitchenware.

Among the city's manufactures are boilers, machines, glass, chemicals, terra cotta, brick, iron pipes and couplings, gas engines, cutlery and silk.

Among the manufactures of the borough are sterling silver articles, plated and britannia ware, brass ware, rubber goods, cutlery and edge tools.

Solingen is one of the chief seats of the German iron and steel industry, its speciality consisting in all kinds of cutlery, Solingen sword-blades have been celebrated for centuries, and are widely used outside Germany, while bayonets, knives, scissors, surgical instruments, files, steel frames and the like are also produced in enormous quantities.

The growing competition of imported French cutlery made from Huntsman's cast-steel at length alarmed the Sheffield cutlers, who, after vainly endeavouring to get the exportation of the steel prohibited by the British government, were compelled in self-defence to use it.

The chief industries include distilleries, breweries, glass works, cigar factories and the ancient linen and cutlery manufactures.


cigar cutter, cutting implement, bolt cutter, tile cutter, die, cutter, cutting tool, edge tool, glass cutter,


lose, disagree, enable, deny, derestrict,

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