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chalk Meaning in Tamil ( chalk வார்த்தையின் தமிழ் அர்த்தம்)


சுண்ண எழுதுகோல்,

chalk's Usage Examples:

The hornbeam thrives well on stiff, clayey, moist soils, into which its roots penetrate deeply; on chalk or gravel it does not flourish.

The manufacture of springs, valves and washers does not require any very special notice, these articles being generally fashioned out of mixed rubber, and vulcanized either in moulds or in powdered French chalk.

The official portrait by Muytens, engraved by Petit, gives a less convincing impression that an excellent chalk drawing of the head by Gabriel Mattei.

They are conformably overlain by clays and limestones with Exogyra Overwegi belonging to the Lower Danian, and these by clays and white chalk with Ananchytes ovata of the Upper Danian.

They had some nice choices, and there are specials chalked up on the wall and prices are not too exorbitant.

Petroleum and coal have been worked, and there is a rich yield of chalk, while a good quality of bricks is made from the xxii.

Kircher's experimentum mirabile with the fowl and the chalk line succeeds best with the decerebrate hen.

Let's chalk it up to an inactive spring.

ruderal habitats, brown field sites, nature reserves, chalk downland and woodland.

knapped from nodules of flint which had come from the chalklands of England, many miles away from Shropshire.

Marking the damp wall with chalk proved difficult, but they were satisfied the arrows were legible.

Potter will be four months old on Tuesday, and from everything I have read on your site, I'm chalking him up to be a Bengal kitty.


writing implement, drawing chalk, tailor"s chalk,


unfasten, stable, unbend, stay in place,

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