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calculator Meaning in Tamil ( calculator வார்த்தையின் தமிழ் அர்த்தம்)



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This also goes for Palm Pilots, pagers and in some instances, calculators that can store text information.

In order to understand how to effectively operate a calculator that is specifically used for annuities, it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of what annuities are and the various processes that are used to provide payouts.

Scroll down and you'll find other calculators, such as a more comprehensive scientific and graphing calculator, a way to calculate financial information, a calculator for driving distances and a multitude of conversion options.

At the bottom of the calculator page, Karl's has options for changing the prepayments.

You can use an online amortization calculator or you create an amortization table using a spreadsheet which has been preprogrammed with the mathematical calculations necessary to amortize your information onto the spreadsheet.

"It is important as having been adopted by Regnault (and also by many subsequent calculators) for the expression of his observations on the vapour-pressures of steam and various other substances.

For the purposes of the calculator a solution erring in excess was also required, and this Snell gave by slightly varying the former construction.

As an arithmetical calculator he was not only wonderfully expert, but he seems to have occasionally found a positive delight in working out to an enormous number of places of decimals the result of some irksome calculation.

calculators approved by the Faculty.

Using a retirement calculator will help identify shortfalls before it's too late.

You'll also find state tax profiles, a glossary of tax terms, tax calculators and tax preparation checklists.


pocket calculator, tabulator, adder, hand calculator, totalizer, machine, subtracter, Napier"s bones, counter, adding machine, calculating machine, abacus, totaliser, quipu, Napier"s rods,


generalist, software, neutral, positive, refrain,

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