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bluff Meaning in Tamil ( bluff வார்த்தையின் தமிழ் அர்த்தம்)

செங்குத்தான முகப்புடைய

bluff's Usage Examples:

You're missing the shifty eyes of the bluffer, the physical droop of someone's shoulders when they get a hand that isn't going to work out, and all those other little tell-tale characteristics you used to look for.

Or bluffing is appears on billboards brown tree-patterned carpeting.

coast consists of bluffs, indented with bays and bordered by several islands, the larger ones being Cozumel (where Cortes first landed), Cancum, Mujeres and Contoy.

Huge bluffs ruptured from the ground and oozed with water.

There were always interesting things around a bluff - sometimes even arrowheads.

The terrain was rough, covered with brush choked ravines and sharp granite bluffs.

To gather the nectar, beehives are placed on bluffs, elevated platforms along the river's edge, or even on floats during the short period in April and May when the white tupelo blooms.

"You're bluffing," she said, searching his face.

and the city is built on a narrow level plain between the sea and bluffs, the latter rising steeply 2000 ft.

is drained by tributaries of the Missouri, mostly short streams taking their rise from numerous rivulets, flowing quite rapidly over muddy beds through much of their courses, and in the bluff belt along the Missouri having steep but grassy banks 200 ft.

Englishmen were bluff and independent, in their ways often coarse and unmannerly.

You no longer have to be mindful of your 'giveaways', body twitches or movements that may reveal when you are bluffing or holding good cards.




backward, cowardly,

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