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anathema Meaning in Tamil ( anathema வார்த்தையின் தமிழ் அர்த்தம்)


வெறுப்பூட்டும் பொருள்(அ)நபர்,

anathema தமிழ் அர்த்தத்தின் உதாரணம்:


anathema's Usage Examples:

, to withdraw the excommunication and anathema of Henry IV.

The Eastern bishops subscribed, these edicts, and even Pope Vigilius yielded, in spite of the protests of the Western bishops, and at the 5th General Council (Constantinople, 553) agreed to the condemnation of the "three chapters" 1 and the anathematizing of any who should defend them by an appeal to the Definitions of Chalcedon.

Bona- The anathemas of the pope, the bravery of Piedmontese and Austrians, and the subsidies of Great Britain failed to keep the league of Italian princes against France intact.

The amount of money spent at general elections seems a complete anathema to most people.

Secular state education and the "conscience clause" were anathema to him.

Science fiction fandom is notably laissez faire on social issues, and many a sci-fi discussion on Card has degenerated into whether or not you can support, by your purchase of his books, a writer whose beliefs many anathematize.

The introduction The of the Minie rifle, with its greased cartridges, was accompanied by no consideration of the religious prejudices of the Bengal sepoys, to whom, whether Hindus or Mahommedans, the fat of cows and pigs was anathema.

An anathema was accordingly issued from Schmalkald against Schwenkfeld (together with Sebastian Franck); his books were placed on the Protestant "index"; and he himself was made a religious outlaw.

Neri saw that the pope's attitude was more than likely to drive Henry to a relapse, and probably to rekindle the civil war in France, and directed Baronius, then the pope's confessor, to refuse him absolution, and to resign his office of confessor, unless he would withdraw the anathema.


condemnation, execration, curse,


love, communicate, admit, bless,

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