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decapitated Meaning in Hindi (शब्द के हिंदी अर्थ)

decapitated ka kya matlab hota hai


decapitated's Usage Examples:

The body of a man who had been decapitated was in the city morgue on Saturday.

But in the decapitated animal we have good arguments for belief that we get the reflex movement alone as response; the psychical touch drops out.

So Peter also seemed to have thought, for though Mons was decapitated and his severed head, preserved in spirits, was placed in the apartments of the empress, she did not lose Peter's favour, attended him during his last illness, and closed his eyes when he expired (February 28, 1725).

The burgomaster of the old town was one of those who were decapitated in the Hradcany Square (Aug.

They were decapitated on the square outside the Hradcany palace where the estates met on that day (August 22).

The former was decapitated, the latter was sent to Khorasan, the revolt in Arabia was quickly suppressed, and peace seemed within reach.

Mr. Livingstone was killed by a blow from an axe and decapitated in the presence of his wife.

Within seconds, she had decapitated him and sent the disembodied head soaring across the room.

These had been decapitated and otherwise mutilated, and thrown into the foundations of the new fortress.

The two young nobles, after a mock trial, were decapitated (November 1440).


headless, beheaded,


large-headed, intelligent, headed,

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