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decapoda Meaning in Hindi (शब्द के हिंदी अर्थ)

decapoda ka kya matlab hota hai


झींगा मछलियों; क्रेफ़िश; केकड़े; चिंराट; झींगे

decapoda's Usage Examples:

This is seen, for example, in the Brachyura among the Decapoda.

In the Decapoda, where the antennal gland alone is well-developed in the adult, the maxillary gland sometimes precedes it in the larva.

Orders: Decapoda and Stomopoda.

Orders: Heterobranchia (Branchiopoda, Isopoda, Amphipoda, Stomapoda), Homobranchia (Decapoda).

A minute entosternite having the above-described structure is found in the Crustacean Apus between the bases of the mandibles, and also in the Decapoda in a similar position, but in no Crustacean does it attain to any size or importance.

In the higher Decapoda, numerous additional centres are developed in the brain and its structure becomes extremely complex.

In the Decapoda three pairs are thus modified, and in the Tanaidacea, Isopoda and Amphipoda only one.

In the Decapoda the antennal gland is largely developed and is known as the " green gland."

It is among the Malacostraca, however, and especially in the Decapoda, that the " gastric mill " reaches its greatest perfection.

In the Decapoda the branchial system is more complex.

decapoda's Meaning':

lobsters; crayfish; crabs; shrimps; prawns

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