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diminish Meaning in gujarati ( diminish ગુજરાતી ભાષામાં આ શબ્દનો અર્થ શું છે?)

ઘટવું, ઘટાડો,


ઘટતું, અલ્પવિરામ, ઘટાડવું, ઘટાડો,

diminish ગુજરાતી ભાષામાં ઉદાહરણ:

શરીરતંત્રને લગતાં લક્ષણો : વજન ઘટવું, ભૂખ ઓછી લાગવી, થાક લાગવો, કેચેક્સિયા (વ્યય), વધારે પડતો પરસેવો (રાત્રે પરસેવો થવો), એનિમિયા અને કેટલાક ચોક્કસ પેરાનિયોપ્લાસ્ટિક ફિનોમેના દા.

diminish's Usage Examples:

A plea of diminished capacity is different from a plea of insanity in that "reason of insanity" is a full.

subject to bacterial and fungal infections, making them unsuitable for replanting and greatly diminishing stocks.

The vatadage has a three-tiered conical roof, spanning a height of 40–50 feet, without a center post, and supported by pillars of diminishing height Image:Kofukuji08s3200.

All of these expeditions were failures and diminished the Templars' effectiveness.

widely used naming convention, six of them are classified as augmented fourths, and the other six as diminished fifths.

diminished, as much or even more so than the other black paintings, to ochres and blacks.

His interest in the intellectual life of Paris was undiminished: in 1210 he convoked a council at Paris that forbade the teaching, whether.

Sinatra-style singing, which was definitely suffering from the law of diminishing returns.

So the force pushing the balloon upwards diminishes with altitude and at some particular altitude, the upwards force will equal the weight of the balloon.

deceptive: even within the chaotic regions, there are an infinite number of diminishingly small islands that are never visited during iteration, as shown in the.

It so happened (?) that our lord, king Priyadasin, became the institutor of Truth, Since then, evil diminished among all men and all misfortunes.

The wire diameter diminishes with increasing size number.

The former 3-storey, square brick belfry of diminishing sizes, probably the largest in the province, has lost its top storeys.


taper, fly, decelerate, boil down, shrink, dwindle, de-escalate, wane, slow, weaken, vaporize, thin out, change magnitude, undervalue, lessen, flag, decoct, ease off, ease up, die away, retard, slacken off, devaluate, slow down, shrivel up, decrescendo, dwindle down, concentrate, remit, slow up, reduce, depreciate, slack, slack off, vanish, deflate, let up, dwindle away, shrivel, fall, decline, wither, contract, go down, shorten, break, drop off, abate, decrease, devalue,


appreciate, stretch, increase, strengthen, accelerate, lengthen, inflate, expand, crescendo,

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