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clatter Meaning in gujarati ( clatter ગુજરાતી ભાષામાં આ શબ્દનો અર્થ શું છે?)

ખડખડાટ, નોક અવાજ,


ઝાંખ અત્યાજ, બૂમો પાડો, જન અતયજ કરન, નોક, ઝંકારા, જિંગલ,

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clatter ગુજરાતી ભાષામાં ઉદાહરણ:

જો આ ફારસને મંગળ પરથી કોઈ નિહાળતુ હોય તો ચોક્કસ શિક્ષિત વર્ગની આવી હરકતો જોઈને ખડખડાટ હસી પડે.

આ જોઈ પાંડવોની પત્ની- દ્રૌપદી ખડખડાટ હસી પડી અને અંધ પિતાનો અંધ પુત્ર કહી તેનું અપમાન કર્યું.

આ કાર્યક્રમમાં દર અઠવાડિયે જુદા જુદા જાણીતા ગુજરાતી હાસ્ય કલાકારો પોતાની વકતવ્ય કલા રજુ કરતા અને લોકો એને ખડખડાટ હસીને માણતા હતા.

clatter's Usage Examples:

Clive Barnes of the New York Post wrote that the musical "clatters like a set of false teeth in a politically correct ventriloquist"s dummy".

The remix removes the original melody of the song and adds a clattering backbeat and Punjabi shouts.

the tackle from the side and his momentum flicked him over, as if I"d clattered him.

Beck"s trumpeter Jon Birdsong also turns on a great big blubbery blast of tuba, while musical director Patrick O"Hearn"s clattering drums.

progressive yet very heavy and explosive prog metal", but criticized the "clattery, thin production of Terry Date" and the sound of keyboards and drums.

workmen also reported hearing voices, the sounds of arguments and a woman"s stilettoes clattering through the foyer, although these may have been caused by courting.

The drums on Boy were recorded in the reception area of the recording studios, due to producer Steve Lillywhite's desire to achieve this wonderful clattery sound.

a slipper clutch is to prevent over engine rev and rear wheel hop (or clatter) especially under hard braking in a vehicle (usually performance motorcycles).

in that first strip, Pooh is awoken early in the morning by a terrible clattering noise and, in the last panel, he looks out the window and observes Sir.

Evan Parkerish trills and whirrs drifting up and down over piano-string twangs and arrhythmic clatters.

set, Daffy runs to the closet and opens the door, whereupon everything clatters down onto him.

on the edge of falling apart in a welter of delicious dissonance and arhythmic clatter, but never quite do.

He also suggests that they could have been clattered together for a sound display.


brattle, make noise, noise, clack, resound,


comprehensibility, regularity,

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