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apron Meaning in gujarati ( apron ગુજરાતી ભાષામાં આ શબ્દનો અર્થ શું છે?)

એપ્રોન, કપડાને પકડવા માટે આગળના ભાગમાં પહેરવામાં આવતો કાપડનો ટુકડો,


પરિચ્છડ-રક્ષક બાહ્ય આવરણ,

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apron's Usage Examples:

Martian surface, consisting of complex ridges found on lobate debris aprons, lineated valley fill and concentric crater fill.

A trained salesman and connoisseur, Henri Chapron wanted the finest leathers.

It may be either an embossed waist-length leather corslet with a fringed leather apron that reaches to mid-thigh and possible shoulder-guards.

The doors of the standard sedan have been lengthened by 18"nbsp;cm; Chapron remade the rear fenders.

*Dante's fear for his safe passage through threatening devils, is compared to the fear of the surrendering soldiers at Caprona.

A wrestler goes to the top rope and applies a front facelock to an opponent from an elevated position (for example, sitting on the top turnbuckle against an opponent standing on the mat, or from the apron against an opponent standing on the ground).

Martian northern mid-latitudes, citing the presence of lineated valley fills, lobate debris aprons, and concentric crater fills.

Silver was resentenced by Judge Caproni on July 20, this time to years in prison and a fine of "1 million.

The apron, which is to the west of the terminal building, features nine aircraft stands for mid-sized aircraft such as the Boeing 737-800.

started with explosive eruptions that generated the ignimbrite apron, later degassed magma formed the lava domes and lava flows.

was the same but ply planking was used and the lands were glued with no fastenings, except that the ends and garboards were still screwed to apron and hog.

to develop a taxi track, an apron, isolation bay, navigational aids, localiser, glide path, terminal building, ATC control tower and hangars.

apes wearing aprons with the inscription "Laugh now, but one day we"ll be in charge".


apron string, bib, protective garment,

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