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ablaze Meaning in gujarati ( ablaze ગુજરાતી ભાષામાં આ શબ્દનો અર્થ શું છે?)

સળગવું, અત્યંત ઉત્સાહિત, બર્નિંગ, જે ચમકે છે,


ઉત્સાહિત, બોહનીમન, બર્નિંગ, ચમકદાર,

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ablaze ગુજરાતી ભાષામાં ઉદાહરણ:

આ સજામાં વિવિધ નરકમાં ઉકળતા તેલમાં ડુબકી મારવી, આગમાં સળગવું, વિવિધ શસ્ત્રોનો ઉપયોગ કરીને ત્રાસ આપવો વગેરેનો સમાવેશ થાય છે.

ablaze's Usage Examples:

As the mediations failed, the entire mountain was set ablaze.

The three remaining devices then ignited in the early hours of the morning, setting ablaze two leather shops and an Imperial Cancer Research Fund (ICRF) shop, as a hundred firefighters attended to the fires.

reaction as the destruction of an individual aircraft could easily set ablaze its neighbours.

The feud culminated with a Buried Alive match at Bragging Rights, in which The Undertaker lost again due to interference by The Nexus, allowing Kane to bury the Undertaker alive, possibly evening a longtime score for The Undertaker's initial ablaze of his brother as children.

real name "Ellen" for "Helen," after which he throws Bic lighter flicking snits, trying to set his tormentors ablaze.

Her wreck was set ablaze by the British and the crew was taken prisoner.

Mike Davis labelled Singer the left's most brilliant arsonist, with a talent for set[ting] ablaze whole forests of desiccated cliches.

Arriving at the remote farm, the boys find nobody home but the barn ablaze.

by the Ukrainian peasants who set ablaze 200 Polish farms and murdered whomever they could find.

destroyed by the Ukrainian Insurgent Army aided by the Ukrainian peasants who set ablaze 200 Polish farms and murdered whomever they could find.

Nomination as generalAt the dawn of the First World War, Switzerland confirmed its will to remain neutral and to avoid the conflicts which were going to set Europe ablaze.

windows and portals, was plundered in the Reichskristallnacht but not set ablaze because of its proximity to other buildings.

In 2012, the neighborhood playground was set ablaze.


passionate, aflame, aroused,


unenthusiastic, unemotional, cold, passionless,

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