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let go Meaning in marathi ( let go शब्दाचा मराठी अर्थ)

मोकळे सोडा, सोडून देणे, जाऊ द्या,


जाऊ द्या,

let go मराठी अर्थाचे उदाहरण:

आपला विचार, आपली मते सतत तपासून पाहणे-माफ करणे, सोडून देणे या गोष्टी मोठ्या असतात.

टॉड आनंदी नाही परंतु जेव्हा त्याच्या बॉस डेव्हने त्याला कळविले की सोडून देणे म्हणजे त्याचा स्टॉक पर्याय गमावणे आहे, तो आपल्या भारतीय बदल्या पुरो (असिफ बस्रा)ला प्रशिक्षित करण्यासाठी जातो.

इंद्र म्हणाला की त्याने आपल्या कुटुंबाला मरू दिले, परंतु युधिष्ठिर म्हणाला की तो त्यांचा मृत्यू रोखू शकत नाही, परंतु गरीब प्राण्याला सोडून देणे हे मोठे पाप आहे.

let go's Usage Examples:

Also, the station would not have DJs, meaning morning host Heather Flynn and Phil Harris were let go.

A concerned passenger who did not recognise Hunt alerted the flight crew and he was detained on arrival in Melbourne, where he was questioned for approximately 30 minutes and let go without any charges filed against him.

Scheckter was signed as a test/reserve driver by Jaguar for the 2001 Formula One season, but was soon let go after being found kerb crawling.

Their sincerity is matched by their spiritual ineffectualness because they cannot let go the apparent security and worldly attractions.

Cigarettes: Brainard usually points out people's inability to let go of their cigarette when either they or someone else is in grave danger.

On July 28, 2015, Allyson Martinek was let go from the station, with Blaine Fowler remaining in mornings.

"Teacher let go for role in adult movies reapplies for job".

Puthoff asked Swann, Did you do that too? Swann said he again responded, Is that an effect? According to Puthoff, Swann said he was then tired and couldn't hold it any longer and let go.

He was let go after a disappointing 2008 season.

Gearan and Herlihy-Gearan took over for a one-year term following the College's decision to let go of former deans Ronald S.

In 2006, following the conclusion of the second season, Nikolas was let go from Zoey 101, following numerous fights and incidents with Spears, and her character Nicole was written out of the series.

In October 2018, HLN announced that Costello (and the hosts of two other news programs) would be let go, with the final broadcast of her show taking place on October 26.

Not long thereafter, the enemy made visual contact on the Allied surface force, let go the barges they were towing to Biak, and launched torpedoes before retiring at high speed.


disengage, toggle, bring out, muster out, discharge, unleash, let loose, withdraw, unhand, let go of, unclasp, relinquish, pop, let out, release, loose,


engage, clasp, enlist, hold, obstruct,

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