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deft Meaning in marathi ( deft शब्दाचा मराठी अर्थ)

हुशार, अप्रचलित, मृत,


कार्यक्षम, हुशार, सुलभ,

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deft मराठी अर्थाचे उदाहरण:

ही साथ ‘काळा मृत्यू’ या नावाने महशूर झाली व तीमध्ये यूरोपातील एकचतुर्थांश लोक मृत्युमुखी पडले.

अनुबंध लवचिकता आणि स्मृति (अनुबंधची) या जवळच्य परस्पराशी संबंधित बाबी आहेत.

१९२० मधील मृत्यू 'मराठी ट्विटर संमेलन' हा ट्‌विटररवरील मराठी समुदायाचा उपक्रम आहे.

उदाहरणार्थ, दुखावणारे शब्द क्रियेला प्रभावित करणार्‍या स्मृती ठरू शकतात.

श्रीराम पुजारी स्मृतिग्रंथ.

वडिलांच्या मृत्यूनंतर माल्कम युवराजपदी आला व इ.

डहाणू बस स्थानकापासून ईराणी मार्गाने गेल्यावर पुढे मृत्युंजय महादेव मंदिरानंतर हे गाव लागते.

तेव्हा नेतृत्त्व घेतलेला पुढचा अधिकारीही काही तासांतच मृत्यू पावला.

गावात जन्म, मृत्यु, विवाह नोंदणी केंद्र उपलब्ध नाही.

राजा गोसावी स्मृती पुरस्कार.

दिल्लीला असताना राजा बढे यांचा अकाली मृत्यू झाला.

आचार्य अत्रे स्मृति प्रतिष्ठान(पुणे)चा रंगकर्मी आचार्य अत्रे पुरस्कार : अभिनेत्री फैय्याज शेख.

deft's Usage Examples:

The palette knife was used deftly and.

[who] writes with verve and mischief," while Kirkus Reviews dubbed him "a deft manipulator of the devastating deadpan non-sequitur.

painting-scale DVD projections walk that elusive line between pictorial modes with deftness, wit, and airy originality.

deftly paced performance in my script for Home Away from Home, merely plodded through his part here like a zombie without a deadline.

150 vases to his hand in 1912: "Cunning composition; rapid motion; quick deft draughtsmanship; strong and peculiar stylisation; a deliberate archaism,.

The helmet in fact had recordings of all the Tyannan technology and culture, and the creature was able to deftly assimilate all of it.

This is Larry Hart at his best setting love on its ear in a deft delicate, bemused, achingly honest " Hart-felt touch.

Hasb-e-Haal has been a ratings hit for the channel, with the deft, often bitingly subtle comedy of the actor Sohail Ahmed resonating with a large audience.

His covers were described by Nagata as "deftly illustrat[ing] the mood, the feeling of the book".

His shorts are among the best of the early-1950s product, showing deft handling of characters and snappy timing.

The earliest document which refer to this sanjak as Sanjak of Pakrac is defter from 1565.

Some of them are very good impersonations—deft and funny—but they lack a life to string them together.

  His stories, while often challengingly long, were deftly enlivened with humour.


adroit, dexterous, dextrous,


uncoordinated, tactless, artless, maladroit,

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