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decanter Meaning in marathi ( decanter शब्दाचा मराठी अर्थ)

डिकेंटर, चमचा,


वाइन, बाटली,

decanter मराठी अर्थाचे उदाहरण:

अर्धा चमचा दालचिनी पावडर एक ग्लास दुधात मिसळून उकळावे व ते गाळून प्यावे, याने कप व खोकला निघून जातो.

परातीतील बोडण चमचाभर काढून घेऊन सर्व माणसांना अंगारा म्हणून लावतात.

५-१ टक्का विरजण (साधारणतः एक ते दीड चमचा १ लीटरसाठी) चांगले मिसळून टाकावे व पुढील १०-१२ तास झाकून ठेवावे.

त्यात सामन्य तापमानाला गरम केलेले १ वाटी दुध ,अर्धा चमचा मिठ ,१ चमचा बेकिंग पावडर मिक्स करा.

ा किंवा चमचा हा साधारणपणे ६० सें.

- मानसिक क्षोभामुळे, अस्वस्थतेमुळे चक्कर येत असली तर कोहळ्याचा रस चार चमचे व चमचाभर खडीसाखर असे मिश्रण घेता येते.

decanter's Usage Examples:

Ricard produced much more drinking ephemera featuring the Ricard brand including decanters, glasses, ashtrays, clocks and playing cards.

Boston merchants advertised wine glasses, jelly glasses, syllabubs, decanters, sugar pots, barrel cans, punch bowls, bird fountains, and.

Killed in self-defense by his ex-wife Laurel with a decanter.

Unlike the related decanter, carafes do not include stoppers.

In addition to drinking glasses, Edinburgh Crystal made decanters, bowls, baskets, and bells, in several ranges.

porcelain and also glass, who created gilt and enamelled objects such as decanters, drinking-glasses, perfume bottles and rosewater sprinklers, for a rococo.

decanter – so that the wine in the decanter is sediment-free – or due to the shape of the decanter (flared bottom), which catches sediment.

syllabub glasses, 69 jelly glasses, 23 glass salvers, 15 decanters and 8 cruets.

Wine stewards are to follow the decanters round the table with a jug of.

drinking glasses and their accompanying decanters and jugs, and secondly chandeliers and other light fittings.

walls; he designed the furniture and the candlesticks, the silver and the decanters for the table; he was as ready to produce a snuff-box as a watch case.

decanters for the table; he was as ready to produce a snuff-box as a watch case or a sword hilt.


bottle, carafe,

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