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debris Meaning in marathi ( debris शब्दाचा मराठी अर्थ)

मोडतोड, अवशेष,


अवशेष, कचरा, वाईट गोष्ट,

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debris मराठी अर्थाचे उदाहरण:

महिमानगडाच्या माथ्यावर घरांचे अवशेष एक कबर.

आजुबाजूला जुन्या मंदिराचे अवशेष विखुरलेले दिसतात.

भिंतींचे अवशेष आजही काही ठिकाणी आढळतात.

त्याच्यावरही किल्ल्याचे काही अवशेष आहेत.

तसेच या अवशेषांवरुन प्रवाहांचाही अभ्यास होतो.

पाटलीपुत्र येथील मौर्य राजधानीचे अवशेष,शैलग्रुहे,यक्ष मूर्ती यांचा यामध्ये समावेश होतो.

जुन्या पायऱ्यांच्या वाटेने वर येतानाच दरवाजाचे अवशेष दिसतात.

साब्राथा येथील अवशेष जागतिक ठेवा म्हणून घोषित झालेले आहेत.

यावर एका बुरुजाचे तसेच इमारतीचे अवशेष आहेत.

याठिकाणी २५ चौरसाकृती बांधलेल्या मातीच्या घराचे अवशेष सापडले.

येथे साधारणता इसवीसनाच्या पाचव्या शतकापासून भारतीय संस्कृतीचे अवशेष सापडतात.

या प्रदेशात बौद्ध, हिंदू आणि जैन यांचेही अवशेष आहेत.

कामेरी च्या आसपास केलेल्या उत्खननात, तेथील पुरातन अवशेषांवर सातवाहनकालीन व बौद्ध धर्माच्या खुणादेखील आढळल्या आहेत.

debris's Usage Examples:

with lobate debris aprons and lineated valley fill around them.

hooligans—armed with an array of debris including chunks of the stadium seating—brawled with players from both teams as well as with staff members.

Saprophagous mites eat hive debris, especially parts with fungi growth.

first object to unintentionally explode in space, creating at least 294 trackable pieces of space debris.

Volcanic debris mixed with ice to form massive lahars (volcanically induced mudflows, landslides, and debris flows), which rushed.

In a post-credits scene, in the debris-strewn border between North and South Korea, EDI's brain is seen turning back on.

Vacuuming debris from a sewer line.

The maximum number of Satellite Catalog Numbers that can be encoded in a TLE is rapidly being approached with the recent commercialization of space and several key break-up events that have created a massive number of debris objects.

A space mimic may pass as ship debris floating in wildspace, or as an elaborate desk with books and scrolls on an abandoned ship, and can resemble a piece of furniture of any variety of wood, stone, or metal.

EPA defines construction and demolition materials as “debris generated during the construction, renovation and demolition of buildings, roads, and bridges.

water become entangled with other trees floating in the water, or become snagged on rocks, large woody debris, or other objects anchored underwater.

The Chennai Rivers Restoration Trust (CRRT) has asked the Chennai Corporation to chalk out an action plan to remove construction debris dumped on the banks of the river.

with Brendan combined with volcanic debris from Mount Pinatubo raised mudflows up to 5 metres (16 ft) high around the vicinity of volcano.


rubble, slack, detritus, junk, scrap, dust, trash, rubbish,


strengthen, increase, uncover, dirty, flatter,

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