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contortion Meaning in marathi ( contortion शब्दाचा मराठी अर्थ)

चेहरा किंवा शरीराची विकृती, तीव्र वळण,


आकुंचन, ट्विस्ट, विकृती,

contortion मराठी अर्थाचे उदाहरण:

येथून दक्षिणेकडे तीव्र वळण घेत हा मार्ग आग्नेयेकडे कर्जत येथे पोचतो.

ह्यामुळे जुन्या बोरघाटामधील अत्यंत तीव्र वळणे व खोल उतारांचा वाहनांना सामना करावा लागत नाही.

contortion's Usage Examples:

A backbend is a gymnastics, contortion, dance and ice skating move, where the spine is bent backwards, and catching oneself with the hands.

LPC consists of a wide array of cirque specialists, including acrobats, aerialists, contortionists, hand balancers, and foot archers, and other performing.

The practice is intended to bring body and mind together, and no strong exertions or muscular contortions are involved.

Bonnie Patricia Morgan is a female contortionist and actress.

She started as a contortionist street performer as a child.

(Interlude from contortion, cerceaux) Nostalgie (Intro to russian swings) Simcha (Character parade, Russian swings) Gamelan (Contortion) Ephra (Flying.

often worn by swimmers, ballet dancers, wrestlers, rowers, cyclists, contortionists and circus performers, and spandex fetishists may incorporate fantasies.

The gaseous contortions of this emission nebula bear a resemblance to a pelican, giving rise.

In an extreme frontbend, some contortionists can place the.

He was inspired by contortionists since the age of four, giving him the dream of becoming the world"s.

Runge’s gestural use and contortions of amaryllises and lilies in Times of Day have been described as a predecessor to similar.

rowers, cyclists, contortionists and circus performers, and spandex fetishists may incorporate fantasies about these activities into their particular.

Contortion: One contortionist uses balance, strength and flexibility in this jaw dropping feat of contortion on a circular platform.


change of shape, deformation,


simplicity, honesty, straightness,

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