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concoction Meaning in marathi ( concoction शब्दाचा मराठी अर्थ)

रचना, मिश्रित द्रव,


कथा क्रमवारी, षडयंत्र, तयारी,

concoction's Usage Examples:

cylinders of mint-flavoured "cracknel" (which is a brittle crystalline/sugar concoction extruded in fine hollow tubes).

Various concoctions were formerly created that were believed to be beneficial to one"s health.

The concoction has been referred to as a traditional cure for hangovers, and has appeared in media for decades.

two-stage rockets, and various gunpowder solutions including poisonous concoctions.

The concoction won the title of "Most Creative" in the second annual judged competition.

in the 18th Century when Indian merchants sold a concoction of spices, similar to garam masala, to the British colonial government and army returning to.

After imbibing a concoction, Dane found himself shrunk to the height of six inches, but with his normal strength intact.

The Spaniards recorded the name of the place as Pulangui, a concoction of the name which was later on, as years went by, was converted to Polangui.

concoction that has a less sticky and more custard-like texture.

coctile, coction, concoct, concoction, cook, cookery, cuisine, cuisinier, decoct, decoctible, decoction, excoct, excoction, precocial, precocious, quittor.

This concoction, created by Murniati Widjaja, won a competition to come up with a national.

Brooklyn and served on their Turkey + Durkee sandwich in the "mustardy, vinegary, mayonnaise-based" sauce concoction.

distinctive Dalby"s and other bottles and refill them with their own concoctions and the patent medicine business took off in America.


invention, excogitation, conception, innovation, design,


disassemble, ending, misconception, finish,

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