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suffer Meaning in Hindi (शब्द के हिंदी अर्थ)

suffer ka kya matlab hota hai



छाती जलना, अस्वस्थ होना, हानि होना, झेलना, सहना, भुगतना,

suffer शब्द के हिंदी अर्थ का उदाहरण:

জজজSlušna prizadetost#Okvara sluha रोग अर्थात अस्वस्थ होना

suffer's Usage Examples:

The three-field system of cropping a patch of land until its fertility is exhausted, and then allowing it to revert to the primeval condition, is still pursued, and both landowners and peasantry suffer from want of capital and lack of agricultural training.

If too closely packed, the soil particles present mechanical obstacles to growth; if too retentive of moisture, the root-hairs suffer, as already hinted; if too open or over-drained, the plant succumbs to drought.

Darian closed his eyes and watched the discordant memories flickering through her mind, not wanting her to suffer alone.

They didn't suffer, which was good.

Defy me, and you will suffer my wrath.

host, she did not wish her people to suffer the afflictions of so many other kingdoms.

I suffer for my own sins,' and he wept bitter tears.

As mentioned earlier, farmers suffer when they do not have reliable markets for their goods.

I love you all and have done no harm to anyone; why must I suffer so?

Don't let him suffer because of me.'


have, collapse, break down, crock up, receive, crack, experience, crack up, cramp, break up, sustain, get,


reject, refuse, criminalise, outlaw, disinclination,

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