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godfather Meaning in Hindi (शब्द के हिंदी अर्थ)

godfather ka kya matlab hota hai




godfather शब्द के हिंदी अर्थ का उदाहरण:

हेनरिक का नाम उनके धर्मपिता बवेरिया के शाही परिवारके प्रिंस हेनरिक ऑफ़ बवेरिया के नाम पर पड़ा था, जिन्हें गेब्हार्ड हिमलर पढ़ाया करते थे।

वो हैरी पॉटर का धर्म-पिता है और उसके पिता जेम्स पॉटर का जिगरी दोस्त था।

यहां उनके धर्मपिता के रूप में माइकल कॉनन का नाम भी दर्ज है।

उनका आधिकारिक नाम "मार्टिन स्कैलियेर" था; जॉहान नाम उन्होंने अपने धर्मपिता के सम्मान में अपने नाम के आगे जोड़ा था।

कर्ण की वास्तविक माँ कुन्ती थीं और कर्ण और उनके छ: भाइयों के धर्मपिता महाराज पांडु थे।

शिशु गणी जी का लालन–पालन व शिक्षा–दीक्षा का दायित्व कान्दू (मध्यदेशीय) वैश्य परिवार के मनसा राम को धर्मपिता के रूप में निर्वहन करना पड़ा ।

इनके धर्मपिता सेठ छज्जूमल अपने समय के एक प्रतिष्ठित व्यापारी थे, जिनका व्यापार देशभर में फैला हुआ था।

godfather's Usage Examples:

Godfather 6cl Scotch 3cl amaretto Pour both ingredients into a shaker with ice.

went even further in his patronage, for he consented to be the godfather of the posthumous son of Alphonso XII., and he never afterwards wavered in the steady sympathy he showed to Alphonso XIII.

He was adopted by his godfather, Edward Hearst, and his wife, and was sent to Magdalen College, Oxford, in 1689, was demy of his college from 1689 to 1701 and fellow from 1701 to 1713.

Above all, when Prince Boris, the heir-apparent of the principality, was received into the Bulgarian Church on 14th February 1896, the emperor of Russia was his godfather.

The situation was regulated by the reception of Martha into the Orthodox Church, when she was rechristened under the name of Catherine Alekseyevna, the tsarevich Alexius being her godfather, by the bestowal upon her of the title Gosudaruinya or sovereign (1710), and, finally (17 i i), by her public marriage to the tsar, who divorced the tsaritsa Eudoxia to make room for her.

JOSIAS SIMLER (1530-1576), author of the first book relating solely to the Alps, was the son of the former prior of the Cistercian convent of Kappel (Canton of Zurich), and was born at Kappel, where his father was the Protestant pastor and schoolmaster till his death in 1557.1544 Simler went to Zurich to continue his education under his godfather, the celebrated reformer, Heinrich Bullinger.

Robert Parys, chamberlain of North Wales under Henry IV., is often given as their godfather.

On the 1st of June he crowned Anne as queen, and on the 10th of September stood godfather to her child, the future Queen Elizabeth.

He sold his rights to his godfather, the priest Johannes Gratianus, who was installed under the name of Gregory VI.

Count Cyril Vladimirovich is your godfather after all, your future depends on him.


patron, sponsor, supporter,


boycott, nonworker,

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