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engross Meaning in Hindi (शब्द के हिंदी अर्थ)

engross ka kya matlab hota hai



तल्लीन होना, खरीदखोरी, सुलिपिकरण, सुलेखन, सुवाच्य प्रति बनाना,

engross's Usage Examples:

On his return, "distrust of his own resolutions and convictions" led him to abandon for the time his intention of being a clergyman, and he settled down to the study of the law, "with a firm determination not to suffer it to engross my time so as to prevent me from pursuing other branches of knowledge."

Mathematics, however, which had been his favourite study in youth, continued to engross his attention, and on the 6th of March 1619 he was appointed professor of astronomy in Gresham College, London.

In addition to his work at Sevres, quite enough to engross the entire energy of any ordinary man, he continued his more purely scientific work.

Because the ships are so large and the events within the story are often influenced by the location of characters throughout the ship, blueprints of Star Trek ships can help a reader engross themselves into the story.


center, plunge, centre, engulf, absorb, immerse, drink in, pore, concentrate, soak up, rivet, steep, drink, focus,


dishonor, abstain, indistinctness, softness, soften,

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