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defiance Meaning in Hindi (शब्द के हिंदी अर्थ)

defiance ka kya matlab hota hai



आज्ञा का उल्लंघन करना, आज्ञा न मानना, ललकार, चुनौती, अवज्ञा,

defiance's Usage Examples:

unnatural, seeing his defiance of the ordinary habits and standards of the world.

would not have tolerated such a defiance of Catholic order for a moment.

and his wife Mary of Lorraine, was born in December 1542, a few days before the death of her father, heart-broken by the disgrace of his arms at Solway Moss, where the disaffected nobles had declined to encounter an enemy of inferior force in the cause of a king whose systematic policy had been directed against the privileges of their order, and whose representative on the occasion was an unpopular favourite appointed general in defiance of their ill-will.

The motives of the earl's defiance were not altogether disinterested.

The blatant defiance was so sweetly uttered, he didn't know how to respond.

It was in defiance of this right that Alva refused the claim of Counts Egmont and Horn to be tried by the knights of the Fleece in 1568.

The leading British ship, the "Defiance" (74), carrying the flag of Rear-Admiral Graves, anchored just south of the Trekroner.

Aggravated by her second display of defiance in one night, he crossed to her and planted his hands on either side of her chair, demanding her attention.

There was challenge and defiance in her gaze.

Despite her defiance, her voice shook.


obstreperousness, insubordination, intractability, rebelliousness, intractableness,


willingness, start, compliance, tractability, subordination,

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