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barricado Meaning in Odia (Oriya). ( barricado ଶବ୍ଦର ଓଡିଆ ଅର୍ଥ)


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barricado's Usage Examples:

found sassafras in sufficient quantity in a bay, and immediately built a barricado for defense against the inhabitants.

the Royal Navy and then converted into a chain ship for the Chatham "barricado" c.

admiral lost his leg by an 18-pounder shot which came in through the barricadoes of the quarter-deck – it was in the heat of the action.

that they cast up little slight works at both ends of the town, and barricadoed the rest, and voluntarily engaged themselves not to admit any intercourse.


obstruct, barricade, impede, occlude, obturate, jam, close up, block,


free, unclog, show, let, pull,

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