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stepparents Meaning in Hindi (शब्द के हिंदी अर्थ)

stepparents ka kya matlab hota hai

सौतेले माता पिता


सौतेले माता पिता,

stepparents's Usage Examples:

For instance, stepparents and co-parents face unique challenges that call for specialized parenting skills that they may not have had the opportunity to develop.

Many therapists, however, use the term to refer to inappropriate sexual contact between any members of a family, including stepparents and stepsiblings.

Stepparents may face a similar situation, since stepparents, unless they legally adopt a stepchild, have no legal rights with regard to custody or visitation.

Parents and stepparents should be concerned during the first two years after the stepfamily is formed, since this has been identified as a crucial time period for stepfamily success.

Although many employers do offer employee assistance programs with substance abuse counseling, child care, and family/marriage counseling, divorced parents, working stepparents, and working live-in partners rarely seek counseling.

For various reasons, society does not always view stepparents as having the same responsibilities as biological parents.

Stepparents must assume parental roles before there is an emotional bond with the stepchild and are often required to make instant adjustments to a parental role.

In addition, no legal relationship exists between stepparents and stepchildren.

There was panic as we realized we didn't have special corsages for my respective stepparents, Janice and Brian.


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