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justices Meaning in Hindi (शब्द के हिंदी अर्थ)

justices ka kya matlab hota hai



अदालती निर्णय, न्यायाधिपति, अपक्षपात, सत्यता, इंसाफ, न्यायाधीश, न्याय,

justices शब्द के हिंदी अर्थ का उदाहरण:

जब किसी व्यक्ति के खिलाफ अदालती निर्णय आता है तो उसे लगता है कि जरूर न्यायाधीश ने विपक्षी लोगों से पैसे लिए होंगे या किसी और वजह से उसने अदालत का निर्णय अपने पक्ष में करवा लिया होगा।

यदि ऐसी स्थिति है तो न्यायाधिपतियों को यह प्रतीत होता है कि हिंदू विधि के अनुसार बिना वारिस के मरने वाले किसी ब्राह्मण की संपत्ति पर राजसात्करण द्वारा राजा का स्वत्व किसी ऐसे दावेदार के स्वत्व पर अभिभावी होना चाहिए जो और अच्छा स्वत्व सिद्ध नहीं कर सकता।

1978 में लोढ़ा राजस्थान उच्च न्यायालय में न्यायाधिपति नियुक्त किये गये।

justices's Usage Examples:

These honorary justices are mainly recruited from the ranks of the higher bureaucracy and the army.

The same year he was named one of the justices of the peace for his borough; and on the grant of a new charter showed great zeal in defending the rights of the commoners, and succeeded in procuring an alteration in the charter in their favour, exhibiting much warmth of temper during the dispute and being committed to custody by the privy council for angry words spoken against the mayor, for which he afterwards apologized.

The judiciary is composed of a supreme court of seven members, a court of chancery, a county court in each county, a probate court in each probate district, and justices of the peace.

The supreme court is composed of a chief justice and two associate justices elected for a term of six years.

The judicial department consists of a supreme court with a chief justice and two associate justices, chosen for six years, and district courts, with judges chosen for four years.

See Holliday's Life (1797); Campbell's Chief Justices; Foss's Judges; Greville's Memoirs, passim; Horace Walpole's Letters; and other memoirs and works on the period.

The judicial power is vested in the Supreme Court of Appeals, the Circuit courts, such inferior courts as may be established, county courts, the powers and duties of which are, however, chiefly police and fiscal, and in justices of the peace.

This tribunal differs from similar courts in the states inasmuch as it consists of a single member, called the " president," an officer appointed by the governor-general from among the justices of the High Court of Australia.

It was followed by the Lives of the Chief Justices of England, from the Norman Conquest till the death of Lord Mansfield, 8vo, 2 vols., a book of similar construction but inferior merit.

The members were called "justices," and in the king's absence the chief justiciar presided over the court.


justness, fairness, rightfulness, right, natural virtue, righteousness, equity,


unrighteousness, injustice, inequity, wrong, unfairness, wrongfulness,

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