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heir Meaning in Hindi (शब्द के हिंदी अर्थ)

heir ka kya matlab hota hai



अंशभागी, उत्तराधिकार में पानेवाला, वारिस,

heir's Usage Examples:

He will then be the legal heir to everything and you won't get anything.

To provide you with an heir - or to keep me in line?

But Philip Howard, the son and heir, succeeded to the ancient earldom of Arundel in 1580, on the death of his maternal grandfather, while the Lord Lumley, his uncle by marriage, surrendered to him his life interest in the castle and honour of Arundel.

And no nishani in his bloodline had failed to produce an heir the first year.

Not that I'm rich, at least not by most standards, but I was the only heir to grandmother Radisson and a great-aunt.

In spite of Howie's stepfather's sudden interest in his previously despised and now deceased son, Julie became heir to her fiancée's home and assets.

To a Medena heir who is wealthy in his own right.

His two wives, Alice Ufford and Alice Fitton - heir of Fitton's manor in Wiggenhall - were both daughters of knightly houses.

Alex was living proof that an heir was more important to Senor Medena than honor.

Alex was the reluctant heir to an enormous amount of land and money.


heir presumptive, heir apparent, inheritor, heritor, receiver, heiress, inheritress, heir-at-law, inheritrix, recipient,


outgo, parent, lender, heir presumptive, heir apparent,

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