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bookcase Meaning in Hindi (शब्द के हिंदी अर्थ)

bookcase ka kya matlab hota hai

किताबों की अलमारी


किताबों की अलमारी,

bookcase's Usage Examples:

Each little dwelling contains three rooms: a sitting-room (C), warmed by a stove in winter; a sleeping-room (D), furnished with a bed, a table, a bench, and a bookcase; and a closet (E).

Whether you're building a bookcase or a coffee table, it's important to know exactly how big the finished piece should be to fit in your room correctly.

Customize it with options like a bookcase headboard and your choice of mattress and complete the room by adding a matching chest of drawers, nightstand or desk.

On each visit to Rome it was his delight to collect relics for his native land; and to his favourite basilica at Ripon he gave a bookcase wrought in gold and precious stones, besides a splendid copy of the Gospels.

It may give you invaluable information about potential problems.If you're a beginner, a bookshelf or bookcase is a great project, but only if you keep it simple.

A Chesterfield bookcase with sliding wooden doors and a gorgeous Kingston hall tree bench are also pieces suited to easily matching function with many different styles.

I was permitted to spend a part of each day in the Institution library, and to wander from bookcase to bookcase, and take down whatever book my fingers lighted upon.

She sat behind the bookcase with her eyes fixed on a streak of light escaping from the pantry door and listened to herself and pondered.

bookcase stocked with improving reading.

A bookcase containing a dozen baseball trophies highlighted the far wall of the small room.


article of furniture, shelf, piece of furniture, furniture,

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