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banishing Meaning in Hindi (शब्द के हिंदी अर्थ)

banishing ka kya matlab hota hai

निर्वासित करना


देश-निकाला देना, निर्वासित करना,

banishing शब्द के हिंदी अर्थ का उदाहरण:

জজজराम के राज्य में, अयोध्या, नौकरानी मंथरा जहर रानी कैकेयी का (राजा दशरथ की तीसरी और अंतिम पत्नी) राजा दशरथ से अपने दो लंबित वरदानों को मांगने में मन लगाती हैं- जिससे उनका पुत्र भरत बना रहे अयोध्या के अगले राजा और अगले 14 वर्षों के लिए अयोध्या से राम को निर्वासित करना

banishing's Usage Examples:

of banishing the Antinomian minority, including Mrs Anne Hutchinson and her family, John Wheelwright (c. 1592-1679), and William Coddington (1601-1678).

During his stay in New Orleans he proclaimed martial law, and carried out his measures with unrelenting sternness, banishing from the town a judge who attempted resistance.

The friars importuned Despujols for Rizal's life but he persistently refused their demand, and met the case half-way by banishing Rizal to Mindanao.

Dionysius vented his wrath on those who were nearest to him, banishing many, among them his brother Leptines and his earliest friend Philistus, and putting many to death.

A petition in his favour presented by the senate of the university was unsuccessful, and a decree was issued not only depriving him of the chair, but banishing him from the Prussian kingdom.

In 383 the emperor Theodosius, who had demanded a declaration of faith from all party leaders, punished Eunomius for continuing to teach his distinctive doctrines, by banishing him to Halmyris in Moesia.

After Becket's flight (1164), the king put himself still further in the wrong by impounding the revenues of Canterbury and banishing at one stroke a number of the archbishop's friends and connexions.

(or C.) Calpurnius Crassus, but he contented himself with a hint to the conspirators that their designs were known, and with banishing Crassus to Tarentum.

But the secular arm, from the time of Nicaea I., was in the habit of aiding spiritual decrees, as by banishing deposed bishops, and gradually by other ways, even with laymen.

He earned the surname of "Pious" by banishing his sisters and others of immoral life from court; by attempting to reform and purify monastic life; and by showing great liberality to the church.


ban, ostracise, ostracize, kick out, cast out, shun, blackball, throw out, expel,


decrease, fall, unfasten, arrive, attack,

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